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Bluetooth & WiFi Embedded Firmware Developer in C

We Require a Bluetooth & WiFi Embedded Firmware Developer in C
London NW5

Posted: Oct 26th 2018

The job will involve programming a variety of micro-controllers that either do not run an operating system or run a simplified Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). Firmware for wireless modules and adapters.

We are not specifically looking for candidates with experience in wireless protocols, however some knowledge would be helpful in acclimatising within the role and a willingness to learn is a must.

As programming will be performed at a low-level, we are looking for a programmer with very strong skills in ‘C’ programming, commenting and code debugging.

  • Experience in basic electronics and use of micro-controllers (registers, pin configuration etc) is preferred but not essential, providing the candidate shows a strong potential and capability to learn.
  • Working with interfaces such as: UART / Serial, USB, SPI, I2C platforms.
  • Audio experience developing applications that utilise DSP is a desired experience.
  • Secondary job activities will involve customer support of technical issues, firmware testing and
    deployment, contribution to documentation and progress reports along with other small tasks typical within a small development team where there is not always a clear division of roles/responsibilities.
  • The candidate must love programming and be enthusiastic in their work.
  • The candidate should also be well organised, interface well in team meetings and present well to end-customers and distributors.

Core Skills / Experience

The following skills/experiences are considered a must in-order to be considered for employment:

  • Very strong skills in ‘C’ language programming.
  • Strong code organisation and planning.
  • Experience/capability in working without the use of higher-level libraries.
  • Strong debugging capability (preferably in debugging micro-controllers).
  • Strong commenting and documentation skills.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new architectures, both in hardware and in software.
  • Ability to work cooperatively but independently within a small team.

Optional Skills/Experience

The candidate should have at least one of the following skills/experiences to be considered for employment, any additional skills/experiences may also work in a candidate’s favour:

  • Experience working with micro-controllers and/or other digital electronics.
  • DSP & Audio Experience
  • Experience with CSR / Qualcomm products.
  • Experience working with RF hardware and/or software.
  • Experience programming with Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).
  • Experience programming with WiFi and/or Bluetooth & WiFi software stacks.
  • Experience in firmware deployment.

Hardware Understanding, although you may not be asked to design any hardware you will need a good understanding, to be able to follow schematics etc.

Personnel Review each year

  • Personnel achievements with work issued
  • Personnel achievements of work undertaken by the candidates own initiative
  • Team Collaboration
  • Adhering to company policies
  • Personnel growth while at LM, skills learnt or are in the process of learning
  • Length of service

Each aspect contributes toward salary growth.