Your LM53X Development Kit

The LM53X is the development and evaluation product family for the LM930 / LM931 Bluetooth® low energy module. A great starting point for developing Bluetooth® low energy applications allowing the developer to either evaluate or program the application.

Kit Contents

Your LM53X Development Kit included

  • LM530 Evaluation Board
  • LM930 / LM931 Bluetooth® low energy module
  • Jumpers (x 3)
  • CR2032 Coin Cell Battery
  • CSR USB-SPI Programmer Board (Not included)

Latest Datasheets

USB Flash Drive Index

1. LM931 Module
1.1. LM931 – Documentation
1.2. LM931 – Certification and Compliance
2. LM930 Module
2.1. LM930 – Documentation
2.2. LM930 – Certification and Compliance
3. LM53X Development Kit
3.1. LM53X – Documentation
3.2. LM53X – Compliance
4. Firmware

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LM53X Dev Kit

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