All About WICED

Meet WICED, Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices.

Interoperability is critical to the proliferation of the Internet of Things, which is why the WICED (pronounced “wik-id”) platform is bringing secure WiFi, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology to nearly every emerging product category in the Internet of Things ecosystem, including home appliances, health and fitness monitors, automation and asset tracking systems, smart meters and an array of consumer electronics devices.
The WICED portfolio of development systems enables WiFi, Bluetooth®, and low energy connectivity for:

  • Home appliances
  • Home monitoring and control
  • Health and fitness
  • Automation and logistics
  • Digital cameras and imaging
  • Smart meters and energy management
  • “Headless” devices without a means of interactive configuration for connectivity
  • PAN-LAN bridge and cloud applications
  • Consumer Electronics

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