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Highly accessible wireless technologies, in particular Bluetooth, have played a pivotal role in making affordable remote controlled entertainment devices

time increasing the value of traditional entertainment devices by allowing them to interface with smart phones and tablets. The need for a toy or multimedia device to have a bespoke controller or confusing push-button interface, has been greatly reduced with the ubiquity of smart phones, tablets and now watches too.

Gaming has often lead the way in graphics and communication technologies and continues to do so with the advent of consumer accessible VR and ‘augmented reality’ devices. LM Technologies recognizes the opportunities and challenges such technologies represent and welcomes them. Efficient and responsive wireless communication is a necessity in systems intended to blend our natural senses with the web of information provided by the machines around us.

LM provides a range of modules capable of the low latency & high bandwidth needed for gaming and entertainment.


Our LM910 Bluetooth® v4.1 dual mode module provides the bandwidth and low latency required for multimedia devices such as cameras and advanced gaming accessories. It is a Class 1 radio with a range of 110m in an open space, yet has a foot print under 2cm2. It communicates with the host using the standard Bluetooth® HCI over USB, making it ideal for use with embedded Linux and Windows 10.

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Wireless technology has played a huge role in making entertainment and gaming products more affordable, more creative and more accessible. LM provides a range of products capable of the low latency & high bandwidth to help facilitate the next step in gaming and entertainment


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LM has designed and created solutions for many industry sectors including POS & EPOS, Medical, Audio, Home Automation, Smart Sensors and more.


LM offers hardware services ranging from circuit and antenna design advice, to full product development. For our confidential and expert advice,


LM offers software design services and has a range of mobile applications. These apps provide mobile solutions to be used in parallel with our adapters and modules.


LM provides a range of profiles and custom firmware options that work with our adapters and modules and can be written to interface with your solution.

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