Facility Management

Facility management is a key driver for the internet of things.

As any Architect or operations manager knows, a large building can take on a life of its own, with dynamic, nuanced and unique systems which take place within. In an Airport or Stadium, the difference between knowing that it is too hot here or too crowded there can be the difference between life and death, never mind profit and loss.

Traditionally the nervous system of a facility has been people and there will never be a substitute for having someone in the field. However it is not possible to always have someone 10 metres underground checking the acidity of the water supply or 20 metres up the side of a pole measuring the wind speed and direction. Neither is it always convenient or economic to have sensors wired into a facility wide network or even to have full WiFi coverage.

LM Technologies can meet these challenges with Mesh and sub Ghz technologies, including Thread and SIGFOX.


LM048 Serial to Bluetooth® adapter
Much of today’s existing infrastructure uses technologies which are decades old and are not likely to be replaced for decades more. There are many devices such as gate controllers and a whole variety of sensors which use RS232 for connectivity. Bringing these devices into the modern era can have huge cost and safety benefits by allowing them to be read and controlled from a distance. The LM048 RS232 Serial to Bluetooth® adapter makes this happen.

Low power, low cost and with mesh network capability, Thread provides a 2.4Ghz 6LoWPAN solution which can easily interface with existing enterprise networks. Thread’s mesh capability allows networks to be extended beyond the range provided by existing access points, yet each device is individually accessible from the wider network without complicated routing and address translation.

SIGFOX is a low power sub Ghz technology and network service. It has very low bandwidth, however it provides a massive range without requiring customers to maintain their own base stations and network infrastructure. LM will provide extremely low power ARM M3/M0+ modules for SIGFOX capable of controlling a wide range of sensors and peripherals without the need for a separate micro-controller thus reducing the cost and complexity of your project.

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Large buildings, such as airports, shopping centres or stadiums, often have dynamic, nuanced and unique systems that can take on a life of their own. LM supplies technologies that are interoperable with architecture and  managers to create controlled, efficient and safe eco systems for an array of applications.


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