It goes without saying that with its skilled team of RF engineers, LM also makes excellent audio products.

What doesn’t go without saying, however, is that we also utilise a variety of silicon vendors and technologies to offer our customers the best solution possible, anywhere from a low-bitrate mono audio over Bluetooth® low energy, to aptX® high-quality stereo audio over Bluetooth® v2.1, v4.x  + EDR.

LM’s hardware origins spur from its Bluetooth® adapters that utilise Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) silicon. CSR is sole the inventor of the renowned aptX® high-quality Bluetooth® audio streaming technology that is found within almost all high-end smartphones and Bluetooth® enabled speakers, headphones and earphones on the market today. LM offers a variety of audio modules within its line-up based around CSR silicon and its associated leading-edge Bluetooth® audio technologies.

Our LM745 Bluetooth® Audio Module features an on-board DSP for intensive audio codec processing, including support for aptX®and a high-quality 95dB SNR DAC.


In the near future, LM will be expanding its audio range to include products from Broadcom, specialising in high-quality and lossless HD audio streaming over WiFi, including multichannel 5.1. Broadcom have a proven track record for working closely with large corporations to ensure the best possible support for their propriety profiles, such as Apple AirPlay™ and have chosen to extend this same level of support to LM Technologies, who are also a member of the Apple MFi program.

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Using our in-house team of skilled engineers and a variety of silicon vendors and technologies, LM produces a range of Bluetooth and WiFi audio products, from affordable wireless headphones to high-end speakers, in-ear buds, medical audio and a range of industrial product applications.


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LM has designed and created solutions for many industry sectors including POS & EPOS, Medical, Audio, Home Automation, Smart Sensors and more.


LM offers hardware services ranging from circuit and antenna design advice, to full product development. For our confidential and expert advice,


LM offers software design services and has a range of mobile applications. These apps provide mobile solutions to be used in parallel with our adapters and modules.


LM provides a range of profiles and custom firmware options that work with our adapters and modules and can be written to interface with your solution.

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