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What are Lead Time Updates?

Lead time is the time it takes from when you place your order until you receive it. This matters to you as a creator because your manufacturing partner cannot begin producing your product until they have every component in your bill of materials (BOM). For new orders, due to extended lead times from our chip vendors/suppliers, we are experiencing delays for key components used in LM products which are impacting the normal production cycle.

Our key chipset vendors are:

  • Qualcomm
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Realtek Semiconductor

Please rest assured we are continuously liaising with our suppliers to reduce any lead times where possible.

EOL (End of Life) Products

Products issued with a EOL. See each PDF for more details.

What is End of Life?

End of Life (EOL) meaning: The OEM will no longer market, sell, or update your equipment after a certain date. These dates are determined by Cisco, IBM, HPE, etc. and go into effect at different times depending on the system.

The following typically applies:

  • No additional firmware, patches or upgrades will be made available
  • The OEM continues to offer post-warranty support
  • Third-party maintenance is available for most end of life OEM equipment

End of Life may also be referred to as End of Sale.

PCN (Product Change Notice)

Products issued with a PCN. See each PDF for more details.

What is a Product Change Notification?

Product change notification (PCN) is a document issued by a manufacturer to inform customers about a change to a mass-produced product or its manufacturing process. In the semi-conductor industry, the JEDEC standard J-STD-046 describes the requirements for product change notifications and examples of types of changes that should be notified.

The following typically applies:

  • Change of model numbering
  • Physical changes such as colour or dimensions
  • Change of specification such as alternative component sourced

Product change notification may also be referred to as part number change notification.

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