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LM's Bluetooth® to serial adapters have been used within building automation to enable wireless RS232 and RS485 cable-replacement solutions for almost a decade now.

The resilient frequency-hopping nature of Bluetooth and the pass-through and fully direction independent aspects of our LM048 and LM058 Bluetooth® serial adapters have allowed customers to utilise them to carry both legacy and modern serial protocols such as DALI, BACnet, S-Bus and KNX.

With the advent of the IoT and the advancement of technologies, the building automation industry is witnessing a renewed demand for intelligent connectivity, including wireless and mesh options. LM offers an extensive range of products and technologies to support automation.


Bluetooth® v2.1 Serial Port Profile

Bluetooth® v2.1 provides throughput of up to 2Mbps and is highly-resilient to RF interference due to its frequency-hopping behaviour. The Bluetooth® Serial Port Profile (SPP) enables transparent pass-through of serial data including flow-control signals at ranges typically exceeding that of WiFi. LM utilises SPP within its Bluetooth® v2.1 and v4.x Serial Adapters and Modules, which uniquely support flow-control in both directions.

Suggested Products

  • LM048 Bluetooth® RS232 Serial Adapter
  • LM058 Bluetooth® RS232 Serial Adapter with SMA Antenna
  • LM506 Bluetooth® USB Adapter

Bluetooth 4.x SMART Low-Energy Mesh

Bluetooth® low energy is designed for infrequent control signalling and reporting over a normally inactive low-bandwidth connection. This behaviour enables ultra-low power consumption, opening-up wireless connectivity to battery operated devices (including emergency backups) at ranges typically exceeding that of WiFi. The addition of Mesh in the upcoming Bluetooth® standard adds extreme resilience and range to deployments by connecting devices in a web-like structure, solving the problem of range whilst adding several channels of redundancy.

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With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and advancements in technologies, the building automation industry is experiencing a great demand for intelligent connectivity, including Bluetooth, wireless and mesh options, including vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and safety standards.


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LM offers software design services and has a range of mobile applications. These apps provide mobile solutions to be used in parallel with our adapters and modules.


LM provides a range of profiles and custom firmware options that work with our adapters and modules and can be written to interface with your solution.

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