Global MLCC Material Shortage

Due to the current worldwide shortage for Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) material, we are having to start offering our customers choices for maintaining current and future orders on the LM products affected.

Effective as of 07th June 2018, See MLCC News:

LM Products affected

All orders accepted for these products will be placed with 16-20 week lead-times.

LM005, LM006, LM007, LM1010, LM1017, LM700, LM710, LM720
LM808, LM809, LM811, LM817, LM820, LM821, LM822 ,LM823, LM832

Customers that can support the price increase from $0.35 to $0.45 USD allow us to purchase material in the market to maintain our standard 8 week lead time.

All customers that cannot accept the price increase will see lead times for the LM MLCC affected products above pushed back to 16-20 weeks.

Call your LM Technologies Account Manager for further details on how this affects your future orders.

Email | Head Office London: 0207 428 2647

Download pdf: MLCC_Shortage