LM842 and LM843 Linux Mainline Support Announcement


LM Technologies is pleased to announce that Wi-Fi mainline support is now available for the LM842 and LM843 product series starting from Linux Kernel 6.2.

What is Mainline Support?

Mainlining is the process of porting device driver code to the Linux mainline kernel. This allows users to run a Linux distro without the requirement to compile drivers or deal with additional patches, enabling users to easily add wireless functionality to their products.

Reduce Your Time to Market

Mainline support saves you significant time during the Linux development and debugging stages, giving your developers more time to invest in improving features or applying applications and solutions to differentiate your product from the market.

Customers will also be able to take advantage of the LM842’s comprehensive range of global certifications covering over 60 countries, allowing you to launch to market with ease across regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and more.

Flexible Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth® 5.0 USB solutions

Our LM842 adapter and LM843 module both support Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Dual-Band) and Bluetooth 5.0 with Dual Mode compatibility.

The LM842 has internal and external antenna options allowing it to be deployed in a wide range of use cases, such as inside your product’s housing. You can use different types of antennas that fit your application and environment such as FPC, patch or adhesive antennas.

The LM842 adapter has the same chipset as the LM843 module allowing customers to easily evaluate the suitability of the LM843 in their device.

Linux 6.2

Other notable features from Linux Kernel 6.2 include Protective Load Balancing and power savings due to improved RCU locking and a host of networking and security update.

Why LM Technologies

We offer some of the most globally certified wireless products in the industry, including patented products such as the world’s smallest Bluetooth® serial adapter and the world’s first Bluetooth® 5.0 serial adapter.