Product Update: LM153 Power Supply

A product has been updated in the LM range, The LM153 Mini USB Power Supply

Mini USB Power Supply – LM153 Multi Plug is a compact mains power transformer with three interchangeable faces making it suitable to be use within the United States and all European countries, including the UK.  It also conforms to BS1363 system found in Cyprus, Gibraltar, Ireland and Malta.

The Mini USB Power Supply is supplied within the Retail packaged LM048 and LM058 Bluetooth® Serial Adapters. It can also be used with any Mini USB power input sockets, such as our Bluetooth® Development Kits or third party devices that require a 5v Mini USB power supply.

This EU Mini USB power supply has a Mini USB Type B connector that is for use with our Bluetooth® Serial Adapters. It may also be used in other generic applications that require a Mini USB power supply in todays market.

Certified for FCC/USA, CE/Europe

See the LM153 product page or Download the LM153 Datasheet.