Bluetooth® Audio Development Kit – LM558

Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit - LM558

The LM558 can be used with our LM746 Audio Module which offer a range of Audio functionality and can be used with other Multimedia functions.

Often the first chance LM Technologies has of demonstrating the value of our company and the quality of our products will be when your engineers test our modules, when using the Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit. For this reason, LM offers a very professional support service, which is all free of charge for customers considering our modules.

This service includes free integration of commands, free additional development on an existing platform or in helping your team understand our product and its firmware. In addition to our support we also offer a full refund for the cost of the Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit to all customers who go on to use our modules within their product with a minimum order of a 100 modules.

Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit – LM558

Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit – LM558 is ideal for evaluating our LM746 audio module as it provides access to: Serial port, PIO, LED Indications, Analog IO and PCM/I2S interface.

Battery pads are available for connecting an external battery and Jumper connections allow easy configuration and to use the Bluetooth® Multimedia Development kit in different modes.

It can also be used to evaluate different firmware revisions – AT Command, PIO, A2DP Speakers etc. All of which can be upgraded via SPI or USB from the Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit. Please ask our development team before purchasing so that we can supply your module of choice along with the Bluetooth® Multimedia Development Kit.