Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 Long Range – LM058

The LM058 Bluetooth® Serial Adapter has a minimum range of 100m when used with its 2 dBi external antenna, 5 dBi, 7 dBi and 9 dBi antennas are also available providing greater distances only limited by the environment, often in excess of 800m. The LM058 uses a CSR IC and our own AT Command firmware, enabling connections with other Bluetooth® devices over SPP profile in either Bluetooth® v2.1 or Bluetooth® v2.0 standards. By controlling the firmware LM Technologies have developed a range of solutions across a wide range of industries such as; POS/EPOS, Automotive, Weighing, Automation and Telematics. We have also built smart phone applications with Android and Blackberry OS, that work seamlessly with our Bluetooth® serial adapters. We offer a free development service for customers purchasing a minimum amount per annum. The LM058 Bluetooth® Serial Adapter SMA Antenna uses our LM149 configuration software which allows users to adjust all of the serial settings such as flow control, stop bits etc. It enables users to name the adapter or turn on or off Bluetooth® functions such as Auto Connect or Bluetooth® discoverable features, or 7 Bit Data. The LM058 Bluetooth® Adapter accepts between 4v and 13v power, either directly to its 9th Pin or via its mini USB main power socket and has proven useful within a wide range of industries. With such a varied amount of existing solutions, the LM058 is a fast introduction to wireless connectivity and very versatile.

Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 Long Range - LM058 Certification.

Current certifications are FCC, R&TTE CE, Anatel SIG and EMC Certifications.

Bluetooth® LM058 Serial Printing.

The POS/EPOS industry have been using our Bluetooth® Serial Adapters combined with LM Firmware to enable wireless printing, LM helped this market by gaining approval from receipt printer manufacturers such as: Star Micronics, Epson, SNBC, Orient, Toshiba and Sharp. We have also developed specific solutions within the automotive industry and the adapter is currently being used with radar detection applications.




Anatel - Brazil Bluetooth SIG - UK CE - Europe-RTTE FCC - United States

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