Bluetooth® v4.1 low energy Module with IPEX – LM930

LM offers firmware development support to assist with bespoke solutions. The LM93X Bluetooth® low energy series comes with a range of firmware for getting started with development. Firmware can be used directly with the necessary modifications to meet your unique requirements or used for evaluation purposes. The CSR μEnergy™ SDK (version is used to develop the application, including the implementation of GATT-based services. GATT-based services provide all the needed LM93X behaviour, which range from the official Bluetooth SIG services to customised services such as the CSR Over-the-Air Upgrade service or Serial Port service. Some of the applications also require CSRmesh™ (version 2.1).   Available Applications The Serial Server application enables a host device to establish a Serial over GATT communication allowing the transmission of serial data. The application runs similarly to the traditional SPP profile, but over a Bluetooth low energy connection. Also, implemented with Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTAU) functionality for fast and convenient firmware updates. Latest firmware version:931LM_SS_0100 The LM93X Cloud application is a fully automated Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), leveraging the power of the cloud. It enables the collection of raw data such as temperature, pressure and humidity with readings captured through sensors. The available example Python v2.x script processes the data on a computer into a digestible format for a cloud-based dashboard. The utilised dashboard can then present the real-time data or trigger a data-driven decision. This high performance solution is scalable, power efficient and can be tailored to meet your total data analysis needs. It is typically used for infrastructure monitoring, agriculture and healthcare. Latest firmware version: 931LM_CLS_0100 and 931LM_CLC_0100 The LM93X series supports the Eddystone™ open beacon format from Google, compatible with many smartphone platforms including Android and iOS. This widely used proximity application is a key enabler of the “Physical Web”. It is deployed for broadcasting location-related URL links to internet connected phones and tablets. URL links can then be opened automatically in a web browser/push notification app. Developers can integrate this application with other Google services such as Google Maps, Google Nearby and targeted advertisements. This user-friendly application sends battery information and updates can be made with Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTAU). Latest firmware version: 931LM_EBCN_0100 and 931LM_UBCN_0100 The LM93X series is compatible with Apple’s popular beacon format the iBeacon™, allowing location-specific information to be broadcasted to iOS users in range. Marketing teams can enhance their customer’s experience when visiting their outlet stores; typically deployed in retail stores, museums and event venues. This application can be seamlessly integrated with Core Location APIs in Apple’s iOS. Latest firmware version: 931LM_IBCN_0100 The Console application implements a shell-based interface that allows the user to interact with the Bluetooth functionality of the LM93X module. The shell-based interface accepts commands for generic, connection, security and access functionality. The application behaves as either a GAP Central or GAP Peripheral, implementing both the GATT Server and GATT Client roles. Latest firmware version:931LM_CON_0100 The versatile Key Fob application exchanges predefined commands with other Bluetooth low energy devices. Key Fob is typical utilised by automotive, insurance and home automation industries as an integral part of a wireless control system. This test application changes the colour of a RGB LED and increases/decreases a number in a smartphone app. It can be modified to meet your specific requirements, accommodating I/O devices such as sensors, actuators, buzzers and buttons. Latest firmware version: 931LM_FOB_0100   Getting Started