WiFi and Dual Mode Bluetooth® 4.2 Combination Module – LM813

USB Interface module with added terminals for enabling GPIO’s and Bluetooth Functions to enable coexistence. This IPEX, module operates under 2.4GHz or 5Ghz. LM813 is compliant to IEEE 802.11ac/ a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth® v2.1, v3.0 and v4.2 standards. Currently Bluetooth® includes EDR transmission and supports bandwidths up to 2Mbps, or in HS Mode up to 3Mbps. The module design is based on a Realtek reference, which LM engineer's have made some modifications, which include; Upgrading the PCB material to -40°C rated components and using a high quality -40°C low temperature crystal. The main IC from Realtek is only rated at 0°C. Our temperature testing is conducted up to -40°C and the module has achieved good results. Although the testing period is only subject to a 72h test period, we have run previous modules using the same brand of BOM material in longer periods of temperature testing. These tests are continuous and enable us to support for -20°C Operating and -30°C Storage Temperature under our own 24 month warranty, from date of dispatch. We have added a heat resistant coating to the bottom of the module enabling higher temperature protection during the re-flow processing in production.


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