Bluetooth® Module Class 1 with Onboard Antenna – LM400

See Product LM410 (SMA) or  LM411 (U.FL & IPEX). The LM400 is an integrated module which uses LM’s own Bluetooth® v2.1 + EDR stack or our Bluetooth® v2.0 + EDR stack as it's core firmware. These stacks have been tried and tested and cater for all serial applications that require SPP profile as it's core transport. It can also be offered with OBEX or HID stacks by request. The Bluetooth® LM400 uses our own LM072 series of Bluetooth® class 1 module, which is within many other LM products and has been within the LM products range for many years. The module has its own SIG certificate and has been provided across many industries with a range of specific applications which has enabled LM to offer one of the most compatible stacks in the market today. By using a universal 12-pin-header, the LM400 module will plug into a 12-pin-socket, which enables that module to be fitted onto another PCBA. This action can be performed at your factory, or at a warehouse, enabling your stock products or products in the field to be retrofitted with a Bluetooth® wireless upgrade. This is ideal for products new to the wireless market or where the amount of wireless versions vary or may be unpredictable. The 12-pin-connector allows the module to be lifted from the PCBA it’s connected to, keeping the IC antenna free from noise created on the host PCBA, aiding the LM400 modules performance. This also allows the module to fit into tight spaces of your PCBA/product, since it's connector socket footprint is only 4.0mm x 11.0mm. Once the LM400 is fitted to it's socket it lies above the components on your PCBA saving space. (Note: You may need to consider accommodating your PCBA with the modules overall height.) With a header footprint of just 15.0mm x 14.0mm the LM400's connector raises the module by 6.0mm in height away from your PCBA. It has an overall height of 8mm from the base to the top of the module, which is 30mm x 28mm x 2mm plus a 6mm header height. We also offer assistance helping you to determine which output or solution is correct for your application.

The LM400 module is being used in various applications such as:

  • RS232 cable replacement
  • Wireless factory monitoring
  • Truck/bus monitoring system
  • PLC programming
  • Car diagnostics
  • Wireless printing
  • Wireless POS system
  • Wireless logistics
  • Wireless monitoring machines (healthcare/industrial)

Bluetooth® Module Class 1 with Onboard Antenna - LM400

The Bluetooth® onboard module combination offers excellent range, when coupled with its firmware it has proven to have a low latency while still offering a long distance connection, capable of reaching 2.25MBps bandwidth (when measured from itself to itself) at 100m distance.
  • The LM400 Bluetooth® module uses a UART interface, with an option to add an additional I/O for USB if required.
  • Operates within -10◦c to +70◦c working temperature range
  • Has an RF Shield covering the components.
  • Holds the following certifications: FCC Part 15b, R&TTE CE, SIG Certification.
  • All of LM’s products are RoHS compliant, and meet REACH Standards as well as being warranted against conflict minerals.