Bluetooth® low energy Development and Evaluation Kit – LM53X

The LM53X product family provides a complete set of tools for firmware development, hardware designs and production tests. For developers to produce prototypes with the LM930 / LM931 Bluetooth® module. The LM530 evaluation board enables the developer to evaluate a Bluetooth® low energy application.

The LM531 development kit combined with the CSR programmer board allows the developer to both evaluate and program/debug a Bluetooth® low energy application. The CSR µEnergy® SDK is used with the LM53X for the programming of application firmware or modifying LM application firmware.

LM also provide Bluetooth® application support, including assisting the developer and creating new application firmware with the LM930 / LM931 module.

LM provide Bluetooth® low energy applications such as the Eddystone™ URL Beacon. Our applications can be customised for specific embedded systems.

The LM53X is either USB or battery powered for operating a prototype in a “real world” scenario.