Bluetooth® Dual Mode Development and Evaluation Kit – LM55X

The LM55X is the development and evaluation product family for the LM961 Bluetooth® Dual Mode modules. A great starting point for evaluating applications. Simplifying the development process and cutting down time to the production phase.  LM assists the developer to create new applications with the LM961 module.

The LM55X product family helps the developer to integrate the LM961 into their hardware designs and test for production. The LM55X evaluation board enables the developer to evaluate an application. The CSR Programmer Board allows the developer to flash the user application firmware to the module.

The LM55X is USB powered or powered from a coin cell battery when operating the prototype in a “real world” scenario. The LM55X is Arduino compatible, providing the option of connecting the LM961 to an Arduino Board. The Arduino providing the power supply when connected.