D25 to DB9 Converter – LM025

The LM025 DB25 pin convertor has also been tested by SAMSUNG, Star Micronics, SNBC, Toshiba, EPSON and many other branded receipt printer manufactures.

D25 to DB9 Converter - LM025

This low cost item enables easy conversion with any serial device that is compatible with;
  • Current Rating: 3A.
  • Insulator Resistance: 500MΩ min at 500V DC
  • Weight: 10g
DB25 (Male) and DB9 (Male), is the item shown however various configurations are available, such as;
  • DB25 (Male) and DB9 (Female)
  • DB25 (Female) and DB9 (Male)
  • DB25 (Female) and DB9 (Female)
This robust unit needs no warranty, yet still comes with LM Technologies standard 2 year Guarantee.


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