Mini USB to USB Cable – LM161

Mini USB to USB Cable - LM161

The LM161 is supplied with our Bluetooth® Serial Adapters when purchased as a retail kit. Both the Mini USB to USB connectors are USB 2.0 Standard. These can be used safely in all personnel computers and/or any device that conforms to the USB standards.

Mini USB to USB Cable - LM161 Specification.

The Mini USB to USB Cable - LM161 is 0.5 meter cord from A Mini USB 2.0 TYPE B connector to a MALE USB TYPE A connector.

It is designed to carry no higher than voltages from 100v up to 250v and currents up to 2.5A. The cable used to between the connectors is two wire and is designed as USB twisted cable pair, where the "Data +" and "Data −" conductors are twisted together in a double helix. The wires are enclosed in a further layer of shielding.